OhMiGawd! Hi! =)

It has been FORever since I've posted on this blog.

Too much has happened in the past 5 years.

I did finish massage school. I gave up doing massage because I just could not find the ideal situation for practicing. I also gave it up because when I did a lot of soul-searching, I realized it wasn't something I was truly passionate about. I enjoyed it, for the most part, but it wasn't something I wanted to live and breathe...so to speak.

I've gotten back into yarncrafting, primarily knitting, odd as that seems for me. I never thought I'd actually enjoy knitting at all, but when you learn new techniques, it really helps boost confidence, etc. It also helps when someone asks you to make something for them to give as a gift. That's what happened a little bit before Christmas. A friend wanted me to make (what ended up) three hats for grand-kids, and she paid me for them! I've also just finished a Doctor Who 4th (Tom Baker) scarf for a friend. I'm also making a different Tom Baker scarf that is lesser-known.

There's been other stuff that's gone on, but I'm going to keep this one short(er). I'd like to come back to this blog again and try being more consistent. Maybe once a week to start. If there's more than one post per week, that's great, but for sure one a week.

Anyhoo, have a great (insert time-of-day here), and I'll post again soon. ;-)


As usual, it's been a while since I've posted here...about six months...yah, I know. I do have a good reason, though. I've been in massage therapy school. I had two weeks off which ended two weeks ago (sadly, kinda).


AHH NaPodPoMo Episode 6

Ok, not exactly the 6th of the month, but I'll try to get the numbers caught up. :P

(Oops, forgot to post on the regular blog... sorry)


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